Move Project Planning

Agreeing your objectives for your office move

At an initial consultation, we aim to understand your goals so that we ensure our proposal meets the needs of your business and your management team.

Understanding your employees’ needs

During the planning phase we aim to clearly understand the needs of your employees and will plan to make the process of moving your office or business as easy as possible for each individual and department.

Identifying inter-departmental dependencies

Good communication is essential for a successful relocation, so we identify how departments interact and our plan will ensure continuity throughout, minimising downtime for critical functions.

Your move plan

We will create a tailor-made move plan for your office move, detailing the work schedule, IT and operational resources, health and safety requirements and service standards. This project manual is designed to ensure we meet your agreed objectives and manage the risk to your business

Contingency planning

Part of your move plan will detail contingency plans for your office move to ensure that, should unforeseen circumstances occur, all parties involved are prepared for them and can take appropriate action.

Preparing your employees

We will create an individually tailored communication programme to manage your employees’ expectations during the office move.

Parking permits and access

During your office move, we will arrange for parking permits so we have access to both premises. If necessary we will liaise with local police or local authorities to ensure there are no unforeseen delays due to poor access

Building protection

As part of our service, we will protect lifts, staircases, entrances, doors and vulnerable areas in your building, to give you and your landlord complete peace of mind during your office move. Before and after the business relocation we will carry out a thorough condition check to assess the premises.

We will develop a list, along with digital photos, of any areas along our access routes which have been damaged prior to the commencement of our work.

Once this assessment has been completed we will identify all areas which will require protection and agree this with you prior to any work commencing on site. High access areas may include:

  • Lifts
  • Lobbies
  • Main Walkways
  • Stairwells

Tait Moving & Storage has spent years developing specialist materials designed to ensure that your existing and new premises are fully protected throughout the office move process.

We will use Masonite or similar products to protect your property. We utilise a special polypropylene protection for lifts, walls and doors which is secured with a low tack tape to ensure it is removed with ease and reduces the chances of any damage to the surface finish i.e. wall paper, paint etc. Following the completion of the move, all building protection will be removed and recycled in an appropriate manner

The importance of labelling cannot be over emphasised.

Our self adhesive, colour coded labelling system will ensure that all items are identified so your Tait Moving & Storage operational team can move these items swiftly and efficiently to their new location.

Your Project Move Manager will create a labelling strategy with you which will be colour coded by department and / or floor and follow a simple sequential numbering system. The labels will be provided to staff at the same time as the crate delivery, with colour of labels predetermined by the agreed during the planning stages. Once the crate or container has been filled and closed, two self adhesive-labels are then placed on the outside, one at both ends, ensuring that it is clearly visible. Information to be written on the label is identified below:

  • Location: Floor / area / department reference code based on the layout plan to where the item is going to
  • Position: Details of the workstation to which the item is going to (a pre-agreed reference number linking to the move plan)
  • Name: The name of the individual whose items are in the crate

Brief staff

Most business moves happen at the weekend to reduce downtime to a minimum and everyone must understand the timetable for shutting down before hand. No matter how large or small your company its important to have team meetings to discuss:

  • Arrangements for move day and time table as well as key dates
  • Organise a clear out day to dispose of any unwanted items
  • Identify archive material that can be packed and moved in advance
  • Packing plan and responsibilites – ensure teams have a contact who they can talk to
  • Ensure you have the correct crates for each employee effects and labels in advance

We can provide a range of crates for the packing of files, paperwork and stock. Find out more about the types of crates we use.

One point of contact

A dedicated project manager will be made available off or on-site to manage the business relocation project from start to finish, ensuring full accountability and continuity of communication throughout the project.

Space planning

We can provide a space planning service to help you configure your business at your new location. With the space plan in place, our self adhesive, colour coded labelling system will ensure that all items of furniture and equipment are identified so the Tait Moving & Storage Business removals operational team can move these items swiftly and efficiently to the new location.


We will provide a range of crates for the packing of files, paperwork and stock. Our full range includes specially designed, robust locking crates for additional security, IT crates, IT cartons, file trolleys and roll cages. Efficient collection and delivery of crates is key to the smooth running of a business relocation. Find out more about our crate hire service.

Specialist lifting equipment and expertise

Tait Moving & Storage provides specialist lifting equipment, vehicles and cranes where necessary to lift the heaviest of equipment out of and into your property. Many of our corporate accounts keep a safe in the office. Moving a safe is a specialist field and Tait Moving & Storage has the resources to move a safe from one location to another.

Additional services

A business relocation often requires the movement of unusually heavy items or even, in the case of moving a laboratory, hazardous chemicals. Tait Moving & Storage will co-ordinate a range of additional services with specialist appointed contractors including: packing and movement of chemicals and hazardous goods, specialist engineers, racking contractors, furniture suppliers and cleaning contractors.

Supporting you after the move is over

A move to a new location does not always stop on delivery day. As your business evolves within a changing environment, other moving and storage requirements are likely to emerge, which need to be resolved quickly and efficiently.

If you do not have the in-house expertise, Tait Moving & Storage Business solutions offers a range of ongoing services to satisfy your company’s day to day requirements.

Business storage

Through a national network of storage facilities, Tait Moving & Storage can provide bespoke storage solutions for short, medium or long term requirements for your business

If you are large corporation, the relocation of your business will be a significant project, with multiple stake holders within your business including potentially your IT department, Human Resources department and Health and Safety team.

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