Crate Hire

Tait Moving & Storage also offer Crate Rental as an additonal service. As part of our Removal Services we offer delivery, rental and collection of Crates. Crates are used to assist you in packing your personal, filing and I.T effects to ensure maximum protection.

Crate Hire

Our crates are made of a high quality hard plastic and stack neatly. Please contact us for more information on Crate Hire and a member of staff will be in touch shortly.

Our Crates

The Move Crate

Move CrateThese crates are a 68L capacity move crate for packing general belongings, desk contents into.




 The Metre Crate

Metre CrateThese are a specialist crate used to relocate large amounts of filling or library collections as they can hold one complete shelf of files.



The IT Crate

IT CrateThese are specifically designed to hold one complete set of computer equipment. They will hold a large size CPU, 2 x 24” monitors and all of the IT phericals (Keyboard, cables, speakers etc) This ensures that all parts of the computer are transported securely and together at its final destination.




  The Crate Skate

Crate SkateCrate SkateThese are designed to safely move the crates so no heavy lifting required!



To place an order for crate hire, please email us at –

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